Karen Gardner

Hello, I’m Coach KG.

I’m passionate about …

Leading encounters into God’s Presence through prayer to get breakthroughs, intimacy and wisdom
Empowering leaders to shatter negative limiting beliefs with godly principles that achieve success
Launching Spirit-led business women (and some smart men too) into their destiny

This is why I started Rocket 2 Freedom, A Motivational Company. It is your “launching pad to success”. We empower aspiring and emerging Spirit-led, entrepreneurial women (and some smart men too) and heart-centered businesses to blast through obstacles and launch into purpose and destiny.

We activate our clients that are mostly authors, creatives, visionaries, business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, influencers, ministry leaders, military wives, sales professionals, speakers and thought-leaders (that are not techy) to launch their own freedom-based, online dream businesses, books and events, or to earn that well-deserved promotion so you can create a legacy of wealth.

Our team will help you stop talking and finally launch by providing step-by-step guidance, support, prayer, tools, and Do-It-For-You (DIFY) and Do-It-With-You (DIWY) services to propel you to success!