About Karen

I am a Spiritual Empowerment Expert, Destiny Mindset Mentor, Prayer Teacher, Speaker, Author and Biz-Sales/Life Strategist that empowers Spirit-led corporate and entrepreneurial women to shatter negative limiting beliefs and launch into their purpose and destiny whether launching your dream business, writing a book or ascending up the corporate ladder of success.

I am the Founder and CEO of Rocket to Freedom, a motivational company that provides biblically-based coaching, training and consulting to empower, activate and propel the faith-based woman (and man) into their divine purpose and destiny so you can live a life of love, joy, freedom, abundance and fun.

I’m passionate about

Leading encounters into God’s Presence through prayer to get breakthroughs, intimacy and wisdom
Empowering leaders to shatter negative limiting beliefs with godly principles that achieve success
Launching Spirit-led business women (and some smart men too) into their destiny

This is why I started Rocket 2 Freedom, A Motivational Company. It is your “launching pad to success”. We empower aspiring and emerging Spirit-led, entrepreneurial women (and some smart men too) and heart-centered businesses to blast through obstacles and launch into purpose and destiny.

We activate our clients that are mostly authors, creatives, visionaries, business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, influencers, ministry leaders, military wives, sales professionals, speakers and thought-leaders (that are not techy) to launch their own freedom-based, online dream businesses, books and events, or to earn that well-deserved promotion so you can create a legacy of wealth.

Our team will help you stop talking and finally launch by providing step-by-step guidance, support, prayer, tools, and Do-It-For-You (DIFY) and Do-It-With-You (DIWY) services to propel you to success!

Karen Gardner’s Bio

Karen “KG” Gardner is a Spiritual Empowerment Expert, Destiny Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Prayer Strategist, Author, Business/Life Coach and an award-winning Sales Pro that leads Spirit-led professional and entrepreneurial women and men to break through limiting beliefs and launch into their destiny, starting new businesses, writing books, speaking and more. For over eight years, Karen’s speaking, teaching, preaching, training, ministering, praying and coaching has encouraged, inspired and motivated people to:

  • See themselves as God sees them – loved, confident and brilliant.
  • Exercise their faith to bounce beyond setbacks, disappointments, and surprises.
  • Clarify their purpose and stay on their destiny path by creating strategic action plans.
  • Break through limiting beliefs like sabotage, fear, perfectionism, procrastination and poverty.

After having an epiphany about her purpose and destiny during prayer, God showed Karen her business in a vision, including the name. Karen removed the “golden handcuffs” as an award-winning sales producer for Xerox Corporation, resisted fear and took the leap of faith to start her dream business – Rocket 2 Freedom, a motivational company.

Karen’s shift also led to her writing her first book, Pray Now: A Guide To A Richer Prayer Life during this pressure-filled time. In it, she shares how prayer shifted her from fear to boldly taking action. Karen uses this book as her curriculum to teach and impart the power of prayer to hundreds of Spirit-led leaders both women and men.

As founder and CEO of Rocket 2 Freedom, Karen leads and empowers Spirit-led professional and entrepreneurial women to fulfill their destiny by launching their dreams through coaching and training. She also provides consulting services for heart-centered organizations to train their sales and leadership teams to increase influence and profits. Karen is also the founder and President of Pure Freedom Ministries Alaska, a prayer, arts and leadership training ministry.

A versatile and dynamic communicator, Karen has worked in many areas of media, business, sales/marketing and ministry. She has been a TV news reporter for KIMO 13 ABC News, as a radio news reporter for KSKA 91.1 FM Public Radio, as a print journalist for the Anchorage Times Newspaper, as a public relations account executive for Bradley-Reid & Associates, and as an on-air fund-raiser for KAKM Channel 7 Public Television.

A voracous, life-long learner, Karen has a bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Florida and is an ordained pastor with numerous ministry credentials. Karen is also a certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach and a Toastmaster.

She and her husband grew up in Florida. However, they have lived in Alaska for over 30 years raising four adult children. They have three beautiful grandchildren and one on the way!