We believe that all teams deserve an affordable state-of-the-art video system. If you like ‘simple’ and affordable, then you’ll love our approach. In addition to being affordable, and a great value, our pricing package is easy to understand. Purchase one VideoChamp system, you get it for $399 annually. Or, share and save! If you bring more programs to sign up with you, each program will get their VideoChamp system for $299 annually.

That’s right, invite other programs from your school or any other school to get a system when you purchase your system, and each program will get their system for $299 annually. Share VideoChamp with teams from your district, conference, or anywhere else and save!


Unlimited user accounts/logins

Video editing, tagging, and analysis

Video storage: 50 hours

Phone & email support for staff, players, and parents

Exchange game film with anyone

Homepage Slider (Testing Testing Testing)

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College coaches directory

Watch and share video anywhere

Multi-color video tele-stration and text

Player & coaching profiles